About me

I began my working life in British Telecom, Cardiff more years ago than I care to remember.

I worked in many departments including Customer Service which gave me experience of listening to and helping people.  I gave up work for a few years to raise a family and helped manage a local jewellery store for several years.  During my time working in retail I realised that I enjoyed talking to and listening to people and putting them at ease. Customers often told me about their lives and said they felt better for talking to me. I like to think my empathy helped them feel better about themselves.

In 2014 I realised I needed help with problems I was having and decided to seek counselling.  I found a very good counsellor who helped me through my difficulties and a year later I decided to retrain as a mental health counsellor.  I qualified in December 2019 and began private practice in March 2021, delayed by two years due to Covid 19. 

 contact me on 07415 014690. I may not be able to answer straight away, but if you leave a message I'll get back to you as soon as I'm free.


07415 014690



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