About Counselling


From personal experience I understand that taking the first step and making contact with a counsellor can feel very daunting.  You may be wondering if your problems are too small to bring to counselling. Many of us spend big parts of our lives looking after others and rarely take time to care for ourselves. Counselling could be the best gift you ever give yourself.


 I can't promise to make all your problems disappear; looking at our hopes and fears isn't easy. By working together in counselling session, I hope to ease that burden and help you find a better understanding of yourself and therefore a more fulfilling and contented life.

 I will listen to you without judgement and you can be assured that what you say will remain confidential.  Once you have made contact we can arrange a convenient time to meet, I also offer a free initial 15 minute phone consultation where you can ask anything you would like to know about counselling.


 Counselling sessions are for 1 hour, the first session is for 1hour 15 minutes and will be your opportunity to talk about what is worrying you and many people feel a weight lifting from sharing their hopes and fears. If you feel comfortable and would like to work with me, we will book another counselling appointment. Some people work with me long term, others only need a few sessions. We can review regularly to understand what works for you.


 contact me on 07415 014690 I may not be able to answer straight away, but if you leave a message I'll get back to you as soon as I'm free.